Videos and photos have never been more accessible than before. With over 80% of people online rather watching a 2 minute video instead of reading 2 paragraphs of text, videos have evolved to be the #1 marketing tool for businesses. 

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Let us know what you're looking for and have us create your brand story and vision.

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Ideas need to be manifested and together we´ll bring these ideas to life.


Share a story

No matter what your project is for, social media, your website or internal use. We believe every story needs to be shared and we will do our best to tell your audience what your brand is about.

Yoga Garden San Francisco

A local San Francisco project for one of the cities favorite yoga studios. Together we worked on a website video that would explain the philosophy of the brand and the community that comes with a membership. In addition to that we have created three Instagram and Facebook advertisements to promote their upcoming teacher trainings.

VitaJuwel Website Teaser

During our production time in Tunisia VitaJuwel asked for visuals they could put on their website. We created a good 60 second video teaser that would focus on the beauty of the product as well as the scenery and people around it.

YOGO - Travel Yoga Gear that fits your carry on

Here are some visuals we were able to capture for a local San Francisco based company, called Yogo. The images we shot are utilizable in many different ways as the functionality is shown as well as the usage. For instance, single takes of the shoot can be used perfectly for Instagram or Facebook advertisements. Short, crisp and visually attractive.

HappyCampers Iceland

We had the chance to try out HappyCampers and got to roam around in their camper van for 7 days in Iceland. The scenery, landscapes and convenience with the car could’ve not been more impressive and made this trip one for the books!

Lukas is incredibly passionate and it´s an absolute pleasure to work with him.
We were looking for something special for our yoga with live music video and Lukas was recommended to us through a mutual friend. When I saw his previous work, I knew he could capture what we were looking for. He has a particular gift and natural affinity for dramatic landscapes and uplifting subject matter. He understood exactly what we needed and planned the location and the timing down to a T. He was prompt with editing and willing to try new ideas. From the our first conversation to the final product, he was both creatively driven and super efficient. We could not be happier with what we accomplished together!”
— Laura Shirreff, RIGPA Arts