Facebook or Instagram Advertisements

Social Media has changed the advertising space a lot in the past few years compared to the traditional broadcast TV commercials. Everything moves quicker, attention spans drop and the target audience are millennials or the so-called “Gen Z”. Young individuals, who’s attention span doesn't exceed 30 seconds, need eye-catching content or a “wow” effect story to stick with what they watch. FB or IG ads may vary quite a lot but can be nailed down to only two parameters:

“Mesmerizing visuals and compelling stories”

Tutorials or Explanation videos

Whether you need a video on how to use your product correctly or have it properly explained to a target audience, we´ll find the right way to tell your story without losing the viewers attention even if your story needs time to be told.

Brand Stories

Where there’s a brand, there’s a story, and that story needs to be told. You, the owner and creator of your business have started something special and we’re here to tell the public why, how and what everything is about.