10/03 - 10/16


NEW POssibilities

After a few successful productions abroad in the past, amazing locations and people, we are ahead of yet one of our biggest adventures. Our production team will be spending around two weeks in the Tunisian desert, the Sahara. This time we decided incorporate more branded work, utilize the potential of our set-up to its maximum and give YOU the opportunity to be a part of this trip.

Get Unique content

During the trip we offer sponsorship opportunities and shoot your product (photos & videos) in unique circumstances and with all the equipment that’s already there. This way you don’t have to take care of scouting a location, finding models, booking accommodations, flights and staff and pay expensive photographers and videographers.
We basically plan an entire production for you but don’t charge a fortune for it.



Creativity and beyond

Please find some sponsorship opportunities we offer below but don’t feel tied to it. We know that you, the maker of your brand, have a certain vision and expectation, that we want to meet. Let’s sit down and have a talk about potential concepts, visions and ideas together to make the most out of it for everyone.